Fetty Wap Tells Us What It's Like To Meet Kanye West

Kanye is a 'Trap Queen' fan.

Fetty Wap is making new fans every day thanks to infectious breakout single "Trap Queen." And it's not just everyday folks like you who are pushing Fetty's YouTube views over the 20 million mark either -- Kanye West gave the Paterson, N.J. hip-hop artist a boost, too.

Last month, Yeezy tapped Fetty to perform at his Roc City Classic in New York City. "That was actually a surprise from my managers," Fetty told MTV News with a smile during a trip to SXSW last week.

Wap's managers originally told him he was going to perform at West's NYC fashion show on February 12, but that wasn't the case. Yeezy actually wanted Fetty to perform at his pre-NBA All-Star Game concert.

"And that's when I actually got to meet him, the day before the fashion show. They brung me in the back and everything and the next day they called me out and we went to New York,"he explained. "They brought me to the van. I met all the artist, Pusha T and 2 Chainz and all of them that were performing. And next to you know he just announced it on the speakers, 'Yo this my favorite song right now. New York City do you guys know him?'

That's right -- Kanye West's favorite song at the time was Fetty's "Trap Queen," and, after an introduction like that, the Remy Boyz representative had no choice but to give it his all onstage.

"They went crazy," he said of the crowd's response.

Fetty says Kanye didn't say much, but the meeting was still memorable all the same. "We didn't really speak too much. We shook hands, and it was more of an eye contact type of thing," he said. "It was like he was speaking through the visual."

Though "Trap Queen" is still growing and has already spawned a number of unofficial remixes from French Montana, Fabolous and Rick Ross, Fetty says he has an official remix coming with Quavo from Migos and one other artist who he won't name.

"I play it everyday," he said of the unreleased track, which he hopes to drop soon. "I don't even listen to my regular one anymore."

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