Did The Rock Just Hint At Dinah Jane Hansen’s Involvement In ‘Moana?’

The Rock is totally a Harmonizer, which may give her a leg up in the search for Disney's 'Moana.'

Earlier this week, we reported that Disney’s upcoming animated flick “Moana” has yet to find its namesake Polynesian princess. But when MTV News spoke to the film’s directors, Rob Clements and John Musker, they assured us the announcement would be coming “relatively soon in the future,” and they also confirmed one exciting rumor: Fifth Harmony’s Dinah Jane Hansen has auditioned for the role.

While we wait on pins and needles to find out if Hansen has won the coveted role, it’s worth pointing out that she already has one major “in”: she just so happens to be tight with the film’s only star attached thus far, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Turns out, Hansen is BFFs with Johnson’s 14-year-old daughter, Simone. And not only that, but the three of them have formed their own little enviable squad. On Wednesday (Aug. 19), Johnson posted a goofy pic of the trio hanging out, outing himself as a major Fifth Harmony fan in the processs.

Johnson captioned the pic, “Had a blast with my girls! Bringing in my daughter Simone's birthday with endless love and crazy fun and celebrating with her sis @dinahjane97 of FIFTH HARMONY's album going PLATINUM and their new VMA nomination. Crazy thing is with all the cool success that surrounds these two, they're the most grateful, humble and hard working young girls around. #ProudPapaBear #LoveYall #BirthdayGal #WorthItVMA #AndTheyAreAlsoToughAsHellToo.”

You read right, folks: The Rock is a Harmonizer and — judging by how proud he is of 5H’s VMA nomination — we wouldn’t be surprised if he’s voting with that #WorthItVMA hashtag every damn day.

Just last month, Hansen confirmed her sisterly bond with Simone when she posted a cute Insta snap of her own, revealing in the caption how close they are.

“It's #friendshipday 7/30 && even tho we ain't blood related it feels like we are!” she wrote. “Thank you @simonealex_ for being my friend! my sista from anotha mista! I love you gorgeous.”

And earlier this summer, the trio even hit up the “San Andreas” premiere together to support Johnson’s big blockbuster and continue to be a dashing squad in every which way.

So, we can’t help but wonder: does Hansen’s close bond with Johnson and his family give her a big advantage over the hundreds of other “Moana” hopefuls? We’ll have to wait and see, but regardless of the decision, we should probably start campaigning for The Rock to give us his best Fifth Harmony impression. We already know he’s a huge Swiftie, having busted out “Shake It Off” on more than one occasion, and now that we know he’s a Harmonizer? Well, it’s time to prove he’s “Worth It.”