Pete Yorn To Tour With Foo Fighters, Gets Misty-Eyed On 'Crystal Village'

Singer to perform with Foo Fighters starting Saturday.

SANTA MONICA, California -- After coming back home on his latest single, Pete Yorn will take listeners to another welcoming place for the follow-up, "Crystal Village."

The title references the beautiful but delicate early stage of a relationship, but the lyrics, like on "Come Back Home," deal with the same seize-the-moment theme that prompted the singer/songwriter to title his second album Day I Forgot (see [article id="1471264"]"Pete Yorn Stops To Smell The 7-Eleven Microwave Burritos"[/article]).

"It all goes back to not taking things for granted and remembering what drew you into something and what you were passionate about in the beginning," Yorn said, not realizing he was partially quoting the most prominent lyrics in "Crystal Village": "It was good in the beginning."

"If you're in a relationship for a long time and you spend a lot of time together, you know there's this chance that it will become routine or boring, but initially there was a spark there," he continued. "It's kind of like, maybe we could remember when it was and get back to that simplicity, when there weren't any expectations and stuff."

Interestingly, that philosophy explains the next move in Yorn's career. By early next year, he plans to release an album he recorded in 1997, before he signed to Columbia Records (see [article id="1453714"]"After Morningafter, Two More Albums From Pete Yorn"[/article]).

The record, produced by Don Fleming (Sonic Youth), includes the original version of the Musicforthemorningafter track "Simonize," the occasional live ditty "Farmer vs. River" and a tune called "Model American" that may give the release its title.

"That's a record that's kind of dark. I was kind of into reverb," Yorn said. "It's kind of blown out, the sound of it. And all the drums ... sound really heavy. It's a cool listen."

In the meantime, Yorn will keep busy promoting Day I Forgot, which debuted at #18 on the Billboard albums chart last month. He's opening for the Foo Fighters most of the summer, with the exception of a week in Europe in late June, and playing some shows with R.E.M. in the fall.

Pete Yorn tour dates with the Foo Fighters, according to Columbia Records:

  • 5/31 - Las Vegas, NV @ The Joint

  • 6/2 - Council Bluffs, IA @ Mid America Center
  • 6/4 - Denver, CO @ The Fillmore
  • 6/5 - Orem, UT @ McKay Center
  • 6/7 - Salem, OR @ Salem Armory
  • 6/8 - Spokane, WA @ Convention Center
  • 6/9 - Vancouver, BC @ Plaza of Nations
  • 6/11 - Sacramento, CA @ Memorial Auditorium
  • 6/15 - San Diego, CA @ Coors Amphitheatre (91X radio show without Foo Fighters)