Raekwon Makes His Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao Pick

Someone has to lose.

Raekwon is a huge fight fan and he has a close relationship with Floyd Mayweather, so it's no secret who the Chef is rooting for when Money May faces off with Manny Pacquiao on Saturday.

"You know I'm going with the Money Team man," Rae told MTV News on Apr. 23 when he came up to promote his new LP Fly International Luxurious Art. "Floyd's been my friend since his fourth fight. Me and Floyd pretty much knew each other before his superstardom came."

That fourth fight that Rae references took place back in 1997, when Mayweather beat Edgar Ayala by TKO. A few years after that bout the Chef called on his boxing buddy to star in his music video for "100 Rounds" from Rae's 1999 sophomore solo LP Immobilarity.

Their relationship has continued to grow through the years and Rae even went to Vegas to check in on his pal while he was in training for May 2's big fight.

"When it comes to this fight, I think Manny's gonna throw a lot of punches," Rae assessed.

Throwing punches is one thing, but landing blows is a different story. "Floyd is not gonna allow you to tage him like that, you're not gonna be punching on homie," Rae continued. "He's very technical, he's fast and he's solid. he can take a hit. It's gonna be an interesting fight, but I'm running with my boy though."

Plenty of people have big money on the fight, like Diddy and Mark Wahlberg, but Raekown says he isn't big on gambling. Still, he hasn't ruled out the possibility of placing a last minute wager. "I might throw a couple of racks on that, because I feel good about that one," he said. "He's a winner and he's really gonna show everyone what time it is."