Kanye West Was 'Sitting There Getting Fat,' Until Drake Inspired Him To Get Back In The Studio

Yeezy says it's like they're 'sparring partners.'

From the outside, it looks like Kanye West and Drake are both competitors and collaborators, artists who respect one another but are inspired by the other to be better than him.

Apparently, Kanye sees their relationship something like that, too.

"I look at Drake as an amazing sparring partner," Yeezy told Clique, in France. "Someone who's like, 'Come on, man, get back up!' Bow! 'Get back up! What's up, bro? What you doing?'"

"I was sitting there getting fat. Sitting back, just knocked everybody out. And then this guy hits the gym, he's just running around like, bow, 14 hits, same as Paul McCartney. I'm like, Whoa. OK. Let me go to the studio, then. Let's see what's happening. Let me get these lyrics up. Let me see what's happening. So, that's where we at right now, that's where you getting these records from."

(Kanye starts talking about how much Drake inspires him at the 5:08 mark)

And having Drizzy in that role is an important thing to 'Ye.

"I think healthy competition is better than rivalry," he added, addressing the importance of competition in everything from music to fashion to architecture. "I think rivalry becomes a cancer; it becomes like termites in your health. I think healthy competition is something where you appreciate how hard this person goes."

In the rest of the interview, he touched on everything from his role in fashion to his views on the n-word to his idealistic hopes for humanity.

"There's gotta be a way to have more love in the world, more joy, more beauty and understanding," he said.

Love between Kanye and Drake is a place to start, at least.

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