Think Aquaman Sucks? Zack Snyder Has Some Words For You

The 'Batman V Superman' director called into a radio station to defend the hero's honor.

Everyone knows that Aquaman is the lamest member of the Justice League, but it's not like that's a really harsh insult. It's like being the worst flavor of ice cream. It's still ice cream.

Anyway, a Detroit radio station was "a little bit disparaging" toward the king of Atlantis (via /Film), so Zack Snyder, who's currently filming "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" in the city called in to give the DJs what for.

"I don't want to give anything away about the movie or anything like that, but Aquaman has some cool abilities," Snyder said. "People are like, 'Oh what? Does he talk to animals? Cause that seems like what he does. Or fish?'"

Don't let the enthusiasm of "some cool abilities" fool you. Aquaman can kill Superman.

"The cool thing with Aquaman is he's Triton, so you have to realize that could cut the flesh of Superman if they came in contact," Snyder said. "That's a thing that’s in the canon. He's super strong cause of course he can exist at these super deep depths, so when he comes up here he’s crazy strong."

Snyder sure is strongly defending a hero that's only rumored to be in his movie. What gives?

"Anyway, not to say he's in my movie or anything like that but he has the potential to be bad ass. That’s all I’m saying," he said.

You hear that, guys? Don't say anything bad about Aquaman, or he's liable to use his some cool abilities on you.

"Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" opens in theaters on March 25, 2016, a long time from now.

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