Meghan Trainor's ‘Better’ Video Is A Surprisingly Dark Drama

The singer’s latest visual dives into substance abuse and strained family relationships

Meghan Trainor, purveyor of bright, fun music videos like "All About That Bass" and "Me Too," has taken a shot at drama with her new video for "Better."

This isn't your typical Trainor clip. It kicks off inside a county jail, and it only gets more depressing from there.

In "Better," Trainor plays a hairdresser and beleaguered granddaughter who lives with her substance-abusing grandfather. She picks him up from jail and the bars where he passes out. He fights with her in the home they share. They both try to repair their strained relationship, but too many bridges may have already been burnt.

This isn't the sassy, spunky Trainor we've seen in her earlier videos, but the dramatic range she puts on display here is impressive. Is M-Train planning an acting career somewhere down the line?

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