Destiny's Child Eyes Tour, "Charlie's Angels"

The ladies of Destiny's Child are currently embroiled in a legal battle with two former members of the group, but they aren't letting that slow them down.

While fending off the legal assault launched by exiled Destiny's Child members LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson last month (see [article id="1428048"]"Destiny's Child Sued By Former Members"[/article]), the group is moving ahead with plans for a tour and a contribution to the soundtrack to "Charlie's Angels." While a deal hasn't been confirmed yet, the group told MTV News recently that they will be kicking in a song for the upcoming big screen adaptation of the '70s female cop series.

The girls also say they are mulling their tour options, which include the chance to head out this summer with 'NSYNC, Christina Aguilera, or both acts.

The group has also been working on material for the follow-up to their 1999 hit album, "The Writing's on the Wall," and has found inspiration in its newfound legal


[article id="1442732"]"Everybody's been writing. There's been a lot of emotional things going on,"[/article] Destiny's Child's Kelly Rowland explained. [article id="1442732"]"I think everybody's been having their pad and pen out.

In every bad thing, there's a song,"
[/article] the group's Beyoncé Knowles added.

Lately, that bad thing has come courtesy of LeToya and LaTavia, who filed suit against the group's current lineup (Beyoncé, Kelly, Farrah Franklin and Michelle Williams) as well as the group's manager, Matthew Knowles charging with breach of partnership duties and breach of fiduciary duties. The ladies themselves have remained mum on the specifics of the case, but Matthew Knowles has said hat he looks forward to the day when "the real truth will come out" (see [article id="1428046"]"Destiny's Child Manager Responds To Lawsuit"[/article]).