'The NeverEnding Story' Turns 30: See The Cast Then And Now

From "House of Cards" to "Star Trek" to dance studios in Brooklyn, these guys have been everywhere.

On July 20, 1984, "The NeverEnding Story" soared its way into theaters, bringing a strange but timeless tale about love and imagination into the lives of countless children for generations to come. From the thrill of watching Bastian chase down his bullies with Falkor to the devastation of seeing Artax drown in that Swamp of Sadness, we all have special memories with this film -- and of course, with the stars who brought the thing to life.

So, in honor of "NeverEnding Story" turning 30, let's find out what the cast is up to today -- and then shut down our computers and read a book, because we wouldn't want "The Nothing" to win.

Barret Oliver, "Bastian"

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The film's star quit acting in 1988, but went on to have a long career in printing and photography -- as of 2012, he was still teaching classes in Los Angeles. He wrote a book called "A History of the Woodburytype" that you can buy here, if you're interested.

Barret largely stays out of the limelight in favor of the academic world, but the picture above -- he's the bearded fellow on the right -- was taken at a gallery opening a few years back.

Noah Hathaway, "Atreyu"

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The hunk with the horse is still acting, and also an occasional staple at Cons. He appeared in "Sushi Girl" alongside Mark Hamill in 2012 and "Blue Dream" with James Duval in 2013, and enjoys practicing martial arts, fixing motorcycles, and doling out tattoos in his spare time. He also has two sons, and posted an update to his Facebook page in 2014, saying he had taken a job at "Mugshot Productions LLC."

Tami Stronach, "The Childlike Empress"

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The Childlike Empress didn't do too much acting after the film, since her Israeli-American parents feared she'd be the '80s version of Lindsay Lohan. She did, however, grow to be a very successful dancer and choreographer -- she runs a studio in Brooklyn, and her works have toured all over the world.

Alan Oppenheimer, "Falkor"

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2013 Rhode Island Comic Con - Day 1

The voice behind everyone's favorite Luckdragon still does voice work and attends fan conventions, at the ripe old age of 84. His most recent credit was the voice of Alfred in the 2009 direct-to-video animated film "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies."

Deep Roy, "Teeny Weeny"

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Roy, the man with the snail, continues to enjoy his long career doing character work. He played Scotty's very green and very alien sidekick, Keenser, in both of J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek" movies, the Oompa-Loompas in the recent "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" remake, and Aaron on "Eastbound and Down."

Sydney Bromley, "Engywook"

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Bromley passed away in 1987, after a five-decade spanning career that included "An American Werwolf in London" and the 1986 Walter Matthau film "Pirates," which was his last film.

Patricia Hayes, "Urgl"


Hayes, who played Engywook's wife, also passed away after a very long career in 1998. After "NeverEnding Story," she famously starred in "Willow."

Gerald McRaney, "Bux" (Bastian's father)

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McRaney is one of those guys who is in everything you watch on television. Most recently, he played that crazy southern billionaire Raymond Tusk on Netflix's first original hit series "House of Cards." He also played George Hearst on "Deadwood" and appeared multiple times on "Justified," so safe to say he's doing okay.

"Rock Biter"

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