Introducing 'Show Me Your Kitty,' A Purrfect Web Series For Cat Lovers

In which MTV editors and comedians hang out with KITTIES!!

Is your cat a prince or duke? What is his favorite song you've written about his origin story? How often do you have to listen to his drama?

These are, of course, perfectly sane questions if you're crazy about cats, and no one understands that as well as "Girl Code" producer Chelsea White, who has created a new web series, "Show Me Your Kitty," that's more entertaining than a laser pointer on a sack of catnip.

In the videos, Chelsea sits down with comedians and other notable cat affiliates to get answers to some hard-hitting feline issues. Check out episodes like this one, where MTV News managing editor Tamar Anitai and her kitties, Chucky and Sammy, talk about everything from keeping kitty office hours, to Kanye’s journey towards self-awareness, to who's a good boy?!?

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