C-Murder Released From Prison, Placed On House Arrest

District attorney will decide March 31 whether to retry rapper on murder charges.

More than a week after the Louisiana Supreme Court overturned his second-degree murder conviction, rapper C-Murder is out of prison and back in his Louisiana home under house arrest.

Murder, whose real name is Corey Miller and who now goes by C Miller, was released on $500,000 bond Monday night, according to his lawyer, Ron Rakosky. "He's out and he's under house arrest and he will be until the court changes those conditions or decides to drop the charges," said Rakosky. The district attorney's office will decide on March 31 whether to retry Miller.

Miller has been facing life in prison without parole since being convicted of the January 2002 slaying of 16-year-old Steve Thomas outside the now-shuttered Platinum Club in Harvey, Louisiana (see [article id="1451879"]"C-Murder Faces Second-Degree Murder Charge In Teen's Slaying"[/article]).

In addition to the $500,000 bond, Miller put up another $250,000 bond in a separate attempted-murder charge in Baton Rouge, where he is accused of shooting a club owner and patron in August 2001 (see [article id="1489669"]"Rapper C-Murder Indicted On Attempted Second-Degree Murder Charges"[/article]). A May 30 date has been set for the first motions in that trial.

Rakosky said he was in court as Miller was being released, arguing that the restrictions placed on the rapper's house arrest were too onerous.

"The restrictions forbid him to talk to anyone except his lawyers and family," Rakosky said. "And he's not allowed to go anywhere except court or my office, which probably won't change."

Because of the restrictions, which include bans on using the phone except to contact his lawyer, Rakosky said Miller was not allowed to speak to the press about his release.

Miller has been in jail since his arrest more than four years ago on the second-degree-murder charges. He was convicted of second-degree murder on September 30, 2003 (see [article id="1479444"]"C-Murder Found Guilty Of Second-Degree Murder, Receives Life Sentence"[/article]), but months later Judge Martha Sassone ordered a new trial largely on grounds that the prosecutors failed to tell the rapper's attorneys about the criminal background of witnesses who testified that Miller was the gunman (see [article id="1486220"]"C-Murder Granted New Trial In Second-Degree Murder Case"[/article]).

An appeals court reversed Sassone's decision last year, saying that even without the witness accounts, other evidence pointed to Miller's guilt (see [article id="1498060"]"C-Murder Denied A Retrial By State Court Of Appeals"[/article]).

A high court reinstated Sassone's ruling on March 10, granting Miller a new trial.

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