'Green Lantern: First Flight' Director Lauren Montgomery Breaks Down The Film's Voice Cast

As the director of the March-released "Wonder Woman" animated feature, Montgomery has some experience with what makes the DC Universe tick from both a storytelling and visual standpoint. And if you asked the talented animation maven herself, she'd tell you that the voice actors behind "First Flight" have a similar level of understanding and ability.

"Christopher Meloni is a very serious actor and really got into the character to understand all the little nuances of exactly what Hal was thinking at every moment," Montgomery said of the film's leading man. "He would ask very interesting, detailed, unexpected questions so he could totally get the mind set, and in doing so he was able to deliver an incredible performance that that really defines Hal as a confident hero, but not cocky or a jerk."

There's also Victor Garber, who previously spoke of his performance as the villainous Sinestro. Montgomery described his performance as intimidating and confident, saying: "He gives Sinestro a very believable sense of suave sophistication. Sinestro is not your typical evil villain, and Victor Garber makes him seem like an incredibly intelligent, worldly guy who believes he is doing the right thing, even though he might not be doing it the correct way."

While the film is certain to focus on the conflict between Meloni's Hal and Garber's Sinestro, there's a plethora of supporting characters in the Green Lantern Corps that will share the spotlight -- namely Michael Madsen's Kilowog and Tricia Helfer's Boodikka.

"Kilowog is this big, hulking creature and he needed a voice that was really recognizable and had a strong presence," Montgomery said of the poozer-hating alien. "Michael Madsen was able to give us these line readings that we really didn't expect -- you can't help laughing at his intonations -- and he ends up with some of the funniest lines in the whole script. He even did some fake burps that are just ridiculous -- you'll actually hear a couple of those in the movie. It was just a match made in heaven, really."

"Boodikka is not just your doe-eyed, token female -- she has strength and believability without losing the feminine qualities of our primary female character," the director added regarding the film's female lead. "Tricia Helfer has a really sympathetic quality to her voice that captures the quieter side of Boodikka, but Tricia also has this amazing strength in her voice. She was able to make Boodikka this wonderful, relatable, three-dimensional character."

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