Decisions, Decisions In The Ugly Betty Season Finale

The sophomore season of Ugly Betty hasn't been quite as buzzworthy as last year. I don't think anything will ever be able to really top the first season's reveal of the bandaged mystery woman as Alex/Alexis. Since the post-strike return, however, things have been heating up for Betty and crew. (Literally, in the case of Gabrielle Union's appearance as Wilhelmina's pyromaniac sister.)

The season has been building towards Betty and Henry's breakup. Betty (and the writers) made an interesting choice in putting the two of them together knowing that Henry would head back to Tucson when Charlie had the baby. Things have really come to a head in the past couple of episodes, with Charlie in town and acting bitchier every day. In last week's episode, Betty and Henry resolved to try to make things work via a long-distance relationship. Shortly after they decided, Charlie's water broke, and seeing Henry with the baby made Betty realize that long distance was not going to work as well as they thought. Complicating things further is Betty's increasing closeness with Gio. It looks like Betty and Henry will both have some issues to resolve in the next week's season finale.

In the ongoing struggle for control of Meade Publications, Wilhelmina has finally revealed the baby Christina is carrying. Based on the previews for next week, it looks like Alexis is going to consider giving in to her demand for one-third of the Meade empire. Meanwhile, Christina is struggling with the fact that she's been duped by Wilhelmina again; this time there's an innocent child involved, and her husband wanted to use the baby as leverage to get more money from Wilhelmina. It doesn't look like that relationship has much of a future.

In terms of the other characters: Marc is basking in Wilhelmina's glory; Hilda looks like she's about to start stacking up extra credit with Justin's PE teacher; Daniel is going to throw himself into work to solve his girl problems; and Amanda really enjoys empanadas.

I'm guessing we can expect some surprises from tonight's episode. The recent news that production will be moving from LA to New York could potentially cause some departures, but probably not until next season. I just hope Henry doesn't disappear completely, because I think he's cuter than a baby bunny.

* * *

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