Taylor Swift's Relationship Plays Out In Her Daughter's Imagination in 'Lover' Music Video

Music videos don't get dreamier than this

Tomorrow (August 23), Taylor Swift's seventh studio album, Lover, will finally be out for all to hear. But if you're looking for ways to make the waiting period a little more bearable, the music video for the album's title track was released this afternoon. And yes, it's just as enchanting and dreamy as you'd imagine.

Considering Swift's love of Christmas (she grew up on a Christmas tree farm, after all), it doesn't come as a total surprise that the pop star has incorporated the magic of the season into the video for one of her most romantic songs ever. It begins with a young girl unwrapping a snow globe on Christmas. But inside the snow globe is where the magic truly happens. It's here that the little girl sees a life beyond her wildest dreams (no pun intended), as a loving couple builds a home together, plays board games together, and playfully chases one another up the stairs.

But as all Swifties know, Christmas is a very small part of a song that, at its core, is about love in its truest form. And as Swift and her lover snuggle up on the couch with a guitar, host a New Year's Eve party, and even get into an argument, we're reminded that a love like this is coming; we just have to get our hearts broken and bruised a few times to get there.

And of course, what's a Taylor Swift music video without a few surprises? Aside from being loaded with Easter eggs about the album (as per usual), Swift reveals a major twist as the end. When the camera pans back out, it's revealed that the little girl who saw an entire world inside her snow globe isn't just any little girl; it's Taylor's daughter — dreaming that one day she'll find the same kind of love as her parents.

Watch the music video for "Lover" up above, and get ready for the full album, which drops at midnight.

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