Frank Ocean’s Mom Doesn't Want You To Buy His Zines Online

‘Don’t pay those ridiculous prices’

Frank Ocean dropped his long-awaited second album Blonde over the weekend, and he gave away hundreds of free zines at pop-up stores in four cities to celebrate the release.

Many fans picked up copies of Boys Don’t Cry for their own collections, but of course a few people took the opportunity to resell the mags at absurd prices.

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A quick eBay search reveals copies of Boys Don’t Cry on sale for up to $2,000 — a whole lot more than that $0 they cost at the pop-ups. But don’t worry: A very reliable source has hinted that even more zines are on the way.

Ocean’s mom, Katonya Breaux Riley (whose voice is featured on Blonde’s “Be Yourself”), tweeted Sunday night (August 21) that his fans should refrain from shelling out hundreds of dollars for Boys Don’t Cry. “Don’t pay those ridiculous prices for the mags on eBay,” she wrote. “Just hang tight a sec..”

His younger brother, Ryan, also condemned the zine hawkers on Twitter.

If anyone would know about more Boys Don’t Cry mags in the world, it’s Frank Ocean’s immediate family, so stay tuned.

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