'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' Makeup Slayed Benjamin Walker

If you've seen pictures of Benjamin Walker in full prosthetics as an older Abraham Lincoln in the upcoming film chronicling the president's career as a vampire hunter, you may have been impressed by the results.

When MTV News spoke with the cast of "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter," Walker's co-stars spoke in awe of the amount of time the actor spent in the makeup chair, claiming that it would take up to eight hours each day.

Walker modestly corrected his cast mates. "Maybe not eight, but close," he said. "I was in there for a while."

His experience with the makeup was mixed one, dreading the application, but always appreciating the craftsmanship. "The first time that I got into it was the screen test, and it was surreal," he said. "It's very unpleasant. The process of applying it is very unpleasant, but [makeup creator] Greg Cannom and [effects supervisor] Will Huff, they did great work. They created a masterpiece on my head and made my job a lot easier."

Walker's co-star, Anthony Mackie, felt differently, however. He said he never got to appreciate the work, since when it came time for his scenes with Walker, the makeup would be ruined.

"It seemed like I always got sloppy seconds because by the time that he got to me, his face was bubbling and coming off," Mackie said. "One eye would be here, and there'd be a bubble on his head, and his nose would be like this. It was fun. It was always funny to see how they would doctor him back up to get one more take."

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