The Creepy Girl From 'The Ring' Hilariously Pranks Unsuspecting Strangers

High-definition gets a little too real

Samara Morgan, the spooky girl who could really use a hairbrush, returns to theaters February 3 in Rings, the third follow-up to 2002's The Ring. As a refresher, the franchise centers around a mysterious video that causes the death of anyone who watches it after seven days. In the film, Samara famously crawls out of television screens to catch her victims.

Some innocent customers looking to buy a new TV were recently reminded of this scene. To promo Rings, Paramount Pictures set up a hilarious prank that brings Samara's character to life. Judging from the clip below, most people would prefer that she stayed fictional. [Note: Paramount and MTV News are both owned by Viacom.]

Yep, that's Samara casually crawling out of TVs like it's her full-time job. Changing the channel won't protect you from her wrath.

On top of that, the latest Rings trailer reveals a digital version of the deadly video clip. It looks like unknown email attachments can give you something much worse than a computer virus.