'New Moon' Star Jackson Rathbone Dishes On The Birthday Scene: 'You Want The Audience To Feel Frightened'

From what we can tell here at Hollywood Crush, you're still enjoying the "New Moon" trailer in massive droves every single day since it premiered at the MTV Movie Awards in May. Your insatiable taste for the sneak peek must be because in it, "there's a little attack by a certain somebody." That's at least what Jasper Hale himself (Jackson Rathbone) seems to think.

During TwiCon last weekend, our fearless reporter Larry Carroll caught up with the actor in an attempt to uncover more details about that scene — Bella's birthday party — and the way in which Jasper pounces at the slight whiff of blood. "It's a little bit more violent [than what you saw in the trailer]," Jackson explains. "It's really about the moment where Bella's kind of realizing what kind of world she's really into. We spent the entire film of 'Twilight' delving into the vampire, but now with 'New Moon,' it's like you're in the vampire world and what happens when you get that paper cut?" Press play below to hear more about the pivotal moment and how Jackson's costars had to hold him back.

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