My Chemical Romance Go '80s For 'Watchmen,' Say No To 'New Moon'

'A lot of people would say that a vampire movie would fit, but I would disagree,' Gerard Way says of 'Twilight' sequel.

By now, everyone is probably aware that [artist id="1231843"]My Chemical Romance[/artist] are fairly gigantic comic book fans.

But if the Eisner Award-winning series penned by frontman Gerard Way or the [article id="1597578"]Halloween-themed Batman strip[/article] his brother Mikey wrote weren't proof enough of this, check out Gerard's train of thought for [article id="1591849"]MCR's punked-up take on Bob Dylan's "Desolation Row,"[/article] which closes out [article id="1592568"]Zack Snyder's upcoming "Watchmen" film[/article]:

"We were on the Projekt Revolution [Tour], and I got a call on my phone. Somebody had put Zack through to me, and he was immediately excited. And so we started talking [about the song], and he said, 'Well, what are you thinking?' because originally he said 'Let's just have a 10-minute version that goes through the whole credits.' And I was originally cool with it," Way told MTV News. "But since the story [of 'Watchmen'] takes place in an alternate early '80s, I wanted to make the song a product of that era. And there's a lot of gangs in 'Watchmen,' there's a couple bands [mentioned], like Pale Horse, and you never know what those bands sound like, but I'm assuming it sounds like early '80s punk or late-'70s punk. ... And he said, 'That sounds perfect.' "

And that dedication to [movie id="302856"]"Watchmen"[/movie] didn't end with MCR's version of the song. When it came time to shoot the [article id="1603749"]"Desolation Row" video[/article], Way and the guys took it one step further, decking themselves out like a skuzzy punk act from the "Watchmen" '80s -- complete with deathly pallors and black eyes.

"I just wanted to look pale. Not gothy pale, but, like, sick. I thought a punk band from the early '80s should probably look sick, they should look kind of ill," he laughed. "And the black eye, I figured bands back then got into a lot more fights than they do these days. All those bands like to fight; we don't like to fight."

So, after knocking it out of the park with "Desolation Row," are My Chem looking at a second career (after, you know, [article id="1605259"]being in a rock band[/article]) scoring films? Given their former, rather vampirish past, they seem naturals for "Twilight" sequel "New Moon."

"I don't think so," Way said. "We're very choosy. ... There were a few films that we didn't do the song for because it didn't fit. I guess a lot of people would say that a vampire movie would fit, but I would disagree with that these days. Even since Black Parade, I would kind of disagree with that. I don't know if we'd be interested in that."

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