Snooki's Top Tips For Shutting Down Haters (They're Just Jealous Anyway)

The former MTV star gives some sage advice on dealing with mean people.

Better think twice about publishing that nasty comment, Internet trolls, because Nicole Polizzi isn't having it.

Being in the spotlight (unfortunately) comes with a price, and the "Snooki & JWOWW" star has become all too familiar with that sentiment. After putting her entire life on the small screen, the "Jersey Shore" alum stands tall when confronting her critics, often putting them on full-blast via her blog or social media.

And, once more, N isn't holding back -- especially when it comes to helping out her dedicated fans. In a recent blog post, the mom of two gives some incredibly sage advice on dealing with hurtful comments and living a confident life. Here's her personal 411 on shaking off the haters:

1. Take Care of Yourself

"Whether it's about losing a few pounds or eating healthier or taking care of your skin, a little work for self-improvement will do wonders!"

2. Just Love Yourself

"Even if you're not at the point where you're like, I'm at my goal weight and everything, you STILL have to love yourself and not let the haters get to you! Haters are jealous, they need to relax."

3. Always Believe In Yourself

"You're always going to have haters and people who want to push you down just because you're successful and living your life the way you want. Always be your number one fan!""

4. Always be positive

"Just think about something that makes you happy and keep positive! Like, I think about wine, and I get really excited."

So there you have it, fellow meatballs. Keep doing your thing, and let the haters hate, hate, hate.

Read the rest of Snooki's blog (and listen to her podcast) at, and tell us how you deal with haters in the comments below!