11 Movies That Prove You Shouldn't Leave Your House This Summer

Because everything you have planned this summer will result in your screaming death.

Hiking, swimming, camping, or even just looking for some summer love: Whatever you're planning to do between now and September, there's a horror movie out there that proves why you shouldn't... unless you want to die.

Below, we've rounded up a dozen of your favorite warm-weather activities, along with the films that'll make you rethink whether they're truly a good idea. Maybe you should just stay inside, where it's safe.

Before you get away from it all at somebody's mountain retreat, watch "The Cabin in the Woods."


Because you and your friends will most likely be slaughtered by cannibal zombie hillbillies... or you'll escape, and bring on the apocalypse.

Before you throw a house party for all your friends, and their friends, and their friends' friends, watch "Scream."


A polite reminder of what happens when you lose control of your guest list.

Before you agree to babysit the creepy little kid across the street, watch "The Babadook."


That $10 an hour really isn't worth the risks.

Before you head for the beach, watch "Jaws."


You know what lives in the ocean, right?

Before you buy tickets to an amusement park, watch "The Funhouse."


Because not only do you run a major risk of running into a scary clown, but there's probably one of these guys lurking somewhere in the machinery of every ride.

Before you start hanging around your hometown with your old high school friends, watch "I Know What You Did Last Summer."


You don't really want to do this; someone always ends up bringing up some past drama you'd rather not talk about, like, say, that awkward moment where you accidentally hit a guy with your car and pitched his body into the ocean.

Before you lounge at the pool, watch "Poltergeist."


Are you sure your swimming pool wasn't built on the remains of an ancient native burial ground?

Before you go hiking, watch "A Lonely Place to Die."


The woods are lovely, dark, and deep... and probably full of lurking criminals who will cut your safety harness and let you plummet to your death just for funzies.

Before you go caving, watch "The Descent."


Planning to escape the summer heat by spelunking in a nice, cool, damp, dark cavern? No, you're not.

Before you go canoeing, watch "Friday the 13th."


Life jackets can only do so much.

Before you have a summer fling, watch "It Follows."


Remember, kids: There is no STD test for being haunted by a shapeshifting pedestrian monster.

See? All your summer activities come with the risk of certain death. Maybe you should just stay inside where it's safe and watch some televisio--