Zayn Malik Flaunts His Falsetto On Acoustic Version Of ‘Pillowtalk’

Those heavenly high notes ?.

Less than a week after releasing his debut single “Pillowtalk,” Zayn Malik has reworked the soaring track into an acoustic number that’s way simpler but every bit as sexy.

The new version -- or as he’s dubbed it, the “living room session” -- strips away the original’s heavy beat and highlights Zayn’s strong vocals against an acoustic guitar backing. It also trims the song down by about a minute by skipping the second verse entirely, but you won’t miss it too much once you hear Z’s hair-raising vocal runs on the final chorus.

Hours before releasing the new track on iTunes, Zayn teased the acoustic recording session with a pair of black-and-white clips on Snapchat.

Fans are predictably ecstatic about the “Pillowtalk” reworking, praising the 23-year-old’s surprise new track.

The acoustic version of “Pillowtalk” is available to purchase on iTunes here.

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