Drake's 'Ghostwriter' Finally Breaks His Silence

At last, QM speaks on Meek Mill's allegations.

As Meek Mill accused Drake of having a ghostwriter, the name Quentin Miller popped up in his tweets. Was he Drizzy's alleged writer?

Well, Funkmaster Flex added fuel to that speculation fire when he released the supposed reference track QM did for "10 Bands." But the Atlanta MC - just like Drake - remained quiet through the storm. That silence came to an end Friday (July 24) with a post on his Tumblr page.

"I am not and never will be a 'ghostwriter' for Drake," Quentin Miller said in his letter. "I'm proud to say that we’ve collaborated but I could never take credit for anything other than the few songs we worked on together."

In the piece, QM - who received writing credits on multiple songs, according to OG Maco - also recalls witnessing Drake freestyle "Madonna" in the studio and explains that he's admired Drizzy for a long time. The full post can be read below.

It should be noted that Quentin Miller's Twitter account - which this letter was shared on - isn't verified. However, the same account has been attributed to QM for years by several outlets, including Fader and 2DopeBoyz. The Tumblr page has also been promoting his material for years, though it appears to have been inactive since December 2014.

Today, a ghostwriter (who kept his anonymity for the piece) spoke with MTV News about the matter, explaining why hip-hop frowns on it so much.

"With rappers, you’re only coming to them because they can rap," he said. "So if you’re not rapping, what are we doing, why am I here? And that’s the tug of war that the older fans understand from a different generation and the newer fans don’t get."

The anonymous ghostwriter also believes that even if you receive writing credit, you can still be considered a ghost. "You’re still a ghost if your name is in the credits," he said. "It’s still hidden, it’s still tucked away, that person isn’t doing interviews running around saying, 'I wrote this and I wrote that.'"

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