Playlist: The Sound Of Lolla ’95

When Hole and Sonic Youth were headliner royalty

Since it began in 1991, Lollapalooza rose steadily as a unique, genre-defying festival. And no lineup embodied Lolla's early alternative ethos more than the artists who played in 1995 — a mix of underground-gone-mainstream rock bands like headliners Sonic Youth and Beck alongside acts like Coolio and Cypress Hill. Courtney Love was a notoriously contentious headliner with her band Hole, and '80s rock band The Jesus Lizard, bizarrely, was a mainstage act. Meanwhile, smaller acts like Blonde Redhead, Moby, and Built to Spill learned what playing an outdoor festival is like at the side-stage.

Just a year later this version of Lollapalooza would be unrecognizable, with headliners replaced by bands like Metallica and Soundgarden. And Lolla has only grown more massive, currently showcasing Top 40's biggest artists in an already heavy (and anonymous) festival circuit. But in 1995, this playlist is what Lollapalooza sounded like.

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