Kesha's Transformation Into A Rainbow Is Officially Complete

Well, it's finally confirmed, y'all—Kesha is officially a rainbow. Last night, our girl debuted candy-colored blue, purple, green, and yellow-tinted tips on Instagram with the caption "#imarainbow," and—not to get all braggy or anything—but we totally called it.

We noticed that Kesha was dyeing her hair a new shade (literally!) every week, starting from the bottom of the color spectrum and working her way up. Just in the past month she's gone from pastel pink to lavender to baby blue to aqua to light green to neon yellow, and we hinted at the fact that she might be transforming into an actual rainbow. (To which Kesha replied, "MTV is on to me.")

Instagram/Joshua Covarrubias


We love how her final ’do turned out, but does this mean the end of her hair-dyeing streak? We seriously looked forward to her weekly color debut, and, um, how is it possible that Kesha managed to kill it in EVERY shade she tried? We're astounded, TBH, and we love how much fun she is having with her beauty game as of late.

But we still have one lingering question: If Kesha is a rainbow, does this mean her tooth is the pot of gold? We'll be waiting for your reply. XOXO.

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