Lauren Jauregui Poses For 'Playboy', Opens Up About Life After Fifth Harmony

Expect her solo music to be 'definitely different' from 5H

We still have a couple months before Fifth Harmony’s hiatus officially begins, but Lauren Jauregui is already looking ahead to her solo career.

The 21-year-old poses for Playboy in an intimate new photo shoot, and in the accompanying interview, she opens up about her post-5H plans.

“Right now, I’m just exploring myself and getting in touch with myself creatively. To be real, I don’t want to give myself boundaries,” she said, adding that she’s influenced by genres as diverse as pop, electronica, and Cuban music. “It’s definitely different than my work with Fifth Harmony. It’s me.”

Though Jauregui said she has no plans to record solo music just yet, she’s looking forward to showing fans who she is outside of Fifth Harmony. After all, the group formed when she was only 16, and she has a much more realized sense of self now.

“We tried our best to be ourselves, [but] we were also adolescents, so you have to think about who you were at that age and being thrown in front of cameras,” Jauregui said about the 5H’s beginnings. “When you’re really disconnected from who you are and you’re ashamed of it, you can write and tell a story, but you can never really tell your story. That’s what separates a lot of artists from others — the connection.”

For now, Jauregui has her opening stint on Halsey’s Hopeless Fountain Kingdom World Tour to look forward to. Besides that, she’s focusing on encouraging her fans to be active in social issues. She explained, “It’s so crazy how little people know about what they can do, about their rights, what they’re putting into their bodies and everything that’s going on globally. I believe that art is the core of what starts revolutions.”

She’s off to a good start — at March For Our Lives in Washington D.C. this past weekend, Jauregui spoke to MTV News correspondent Gaby Wilson about the power of young people using their voices to spur change. Check out the full interview below.

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