JC Chasez Says There Will Never Be An 'NSYNC Reunion

'We already did that and it was fun, but we're done with it,' Chasez says of reteaming with band.

Next week the [artist id="832"]Backstreet Boys[/artist] are releasing their new album, leading many fans of the '90s boy-band era to feel a bit nostalgic. And who could forget the epic battle that went on between Backstreet fans and [artist id="500956"]'NSYNC[/artist] fans?

Given that Backstreet fans still get their fix of new music from the group every few years, will 'NSYNC fans ever get a chance to hear some new music from the group? JC Chasez very bluntly told MTV News that it will never happen.

"Nope," he said emphatically about any reunion tours or albums in the band's future. "I keep in touch with all of them. [We don't want to do it] because we already did that and it was fun, but we're done with it."

Chasez, who now spends his time as a judge on "America's Best Dance Crew," may not see an 'NSYNC reunion in the cards, but he did reveal, using his judging powers, who in the band had the slickest moves on the dance floor.

"I would say that was a toss-up between Justin and I. We just had very different styles," he said. "Justin was very fluid and more the crooner, and I was more high-energy and power."

Chasez also said that there was no competition among the bandmembers to try to out-dance each other, which means that, unfortunately, there were no backstage dance-offs. "No, no. We had fun. We would hang out and make stuff up," he said. "We always encouraged each other to be better. It was never competitive. If he does better, we all did better. If I did better, we all did better."