'Teen Mom OG' 'Goodbye': Are Amber And Matt Really Done For Good?

The couple had a heated argument during tonight's episode

Amber and former fiancé Matt have unfortunately had extremely contentious interactions throughout this young Teen Mom OG season. But during tonight's episode, the once-engaged couple may have had their last argument.

"I'm pissed that his daughter wants him to come home to Massachusetts," Amber confided to her producer Jessica before Matt came back to their shared residence.

Leah's mom then offered context about her remarks. "I've always encouraged Matt to have a relationship with his kids," she stated in a voice-over. "And I'm bothered that his daughter doesn't think he should be a part of the show anymore, so I'm taking it personally."

When Amber expressed her feelings to Matt, their already-tense meeting unraveled.

"She's tired of this, not you," Matt stated while motioning to the crew.

Amber retaliated that Matt was the one who put himself in this situation, adding, "You're a grown-ass adult." He then insisted his child never mentioned Amber's name and stated that "he now has the choice to not do it." With that, he got up and left the scene.

But the two weren't done feuding quite yet: Amber insisted that Matt "runs away from his problems," while he stressed she was "completely mistaken" about his daughter's comments.

And with that, he was gone -- and it may be for good. But what do you think? Will Matt return, or was this the couple's final interaction? Take our poll, share your thoughts, and be sure to keep watching Teen Mom OG every Monday at 9/8c.