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David Archuleta's Father Charged With Patronizing Prostitute

Jeff Archuleta pleads no contest after bust at Utah massage parlor in January.

[article id="1587432"]David Archuleta's dad[/article] made plenty of headlines when his son was chasing the "American Idol" crown last year, mostly for what some described as his stage-dad tendencies. Now, Jeff Archuleta is in the news again, only it has nothing to do with his son's career.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Archuleta, 47, pleaded no contest in January to patronizing a prostitute and paid a $582 fine after a January 14 bust at the Queens of Reiki massage parlor in Midvale, Utah. Sgt. John Salazar told the paper that police had been investigating the business for several days after patients at a nearby doctor's office complained that the masseuses at the parlor were arriving at the building in skimpy outfits.

After the raid, the parlor was cited for operating without a license and Archuleta was given a citation for solicitation of prostitution. "Two of our detectives went back to that room to stop the activity," Salazar said. "Inside, they found a female masseuse and male client. At that time an interview ensued and the male client admitted to receiving sexual gratification from the masseuse." The client was Archuleta and the unnamed masseuse who allegedly gratified him was also cited.

Court records indicate that Archuleta took a no contest plea on January 30 to the class B misdemeanor of patronizing a prostitute and paid the fine, agreeing to complete a counseling class. The case will be dismissed when he appears in court on June 30 for a review as long as he does not repeat the crime.

Speaking to ABC4 News, Jeff Archuleta's lawyer, Eric Bauer, confirmed that his client had been a customer at the parlor when police raided it, but said he went there to receive legitimate therapy for his back. Bauer said his client did not participate in any sexual activity but was advised to plea no contest to avoid negative publicity for David Archuleta, who was then embarking on a tour in support of his recently released debut album.