Kendall Jenner Lashes Out in First Estee Lauder Ad

As a member of the Kardashian-Jenner household, Kendall Jenner has always had enviable lashes, but now, we know the reason why—she's been using Estee Lauder's Little Black Primer. (Probably.) Plebes like you and I may refer to primer as "mascara," but I guess we're wrong.

In her first commercial as the face for the makeup company, Kendall shows off her killer eyelashes, along with the rest of her assets. I mean, dem brows, you guys. Picking up tips from pal Cara Delevingne, eh, Kendall? They're working—big time.

In an interview with Estee Lauder, Kendall reveals that she's "bad" at putting on eyeliner because she always tries to make it look perfect, which, IMHO, is not a problem. Perfect eyeliner is liiiiife, Kendall! Even though the ad is less than a minute long, it's clear that Kendall is the right woman for the job. That smize must also run in the family, y'all. That or Yeezy taught her. Either way, she has it down pat.

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