Who Said it: Mindy Lahiri Or Kelly Kapoor? [Quiz]

The ultimate Mindy Kaling quote questionnaire.

Mindy Kaling burst into our lives in the early 2000s as a writer and actress on the hit series "The Office," where she played resident Dunder Mifflin ~it girl~ Kelly Kapoor. Her run on that show hit us with some seriously on-point one-liners that left characters on the receiving end of her quality quips gasping for air.

When the series ended and Kaling went on to create "The Mindy Project," she didn't disappoint. Mindy Lahiri, her character in the series, is laced with zingers and "tell 'em like it is" comebacks that have left many a Tumblr user with something good to GIF for the weekend.

Although the characters of Mindy Lahiri and Kelly Kapoor are vastly different, they have a similar style when it comes to unleashing an all too well-timed quip for the masses. And whether you're a Mindy Lahiri fan girl or a Kelly Kapoor aficionado, it's sometimes easy to mix up the actual quotes of these two highly quotable characters. So, time to take the quiz and see how well you stack up in this battle of the Mindys.