Ashley Bez Explains The Truth Behind 'Drunk Wife Eating Grilled Cheese'

The viral video made people laugh, then pissed them off when they learned it's fake. The star explains the story behind it.

By now many of you may have seen the viral YouTube video “My Drunk Wife Makes ‘Grilled Cheeses.’” Aside from the numerous creepy and disgusting comments that are probably inevitable with that gets so many views so quickly, many people wanted to know the story behind it.

The star of the video is comedian Ashely Bez. We talked to Bez about what it’s like having a video get so much attention (positive and negative) so quickly.

MTV News: Is it fake?

Ashely Bez: Yeah, it’s an improvised sketch. I’m not married. And I was sober.

MTV: You’re a good fake drunk.

Bez: Thanks, I’ve been drunk before.

MTV: Did you expect this to blow up where people would think it was real?

Bez: My friend who shot it had the idea to put it on reddit and see what happens. And then it just went nuts. And people got very angry when they found out I was a comedian.

MTV: Have you read a lot of the comments?

Bez: Yeah, a lot of them are very creepy. I read a couple, and then I just tried to avoid it because some of them are very negative. There’s a backlash.

MTV: How does it feel to have that many strangers be mad at a silly, improvised video?

Bez: Honestly, I sort of think it’s funny that people got mad. It’s an internet video. Just enjoy it. It was a roller coaster of a day though because it quickly went to the front page of reddit. And the top comment was linked to my Twitter account. I wasn’t really participating in any of the comments, I was just watching it happen. It was kind of entertaining to me.

MTV: And you weren’t setting out to prank millions of people?

Bez: Honestly, our idea wasn’t to prank people. It was just a sketch. But we didn't set out to prank everyone, but that’s sort of what happened.

MTV: Have you ever eaten that type of grilled cheese before?

Bez: I have eaten that exact snack for real. Any of my roommates has seen me do that before. So that part is not far from the truth.

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