Ke$ha Regrets Nothing, Not Even Drinking Her Own Pee

'It's my pee!' Ke$ha says of one, uh, 'memorable' moment from her 'My Crazy Beautiful Life' series.

Before the premiere of "My Crazy Beautiful Life," unrepentant star Ke$ha promised that her MTV docu-series wouldn't be sanitized, [article id="1706200"] proudly proclaiming[/article] it would feature "everything from breakdowns to triumphs and make outs and mornings after."

Of course, she forgot to mention the part where she drank her own pee. But that scene -- featured in the show's fifth episode -- certainly caught the attention of groups like the Parents Television Council, who branded it "disgusting" and "vile." So now, with "My Crazy Beautiful Life's" six-episode run over, we had to ask ... does Ke$ha have any regrets about the stuff we saw on screen?

You can probably guess her answer.

"No. I know you want me to say I wish I didn't drink my pee, but I'm happy I did," Ke$ha told MTV News. "I don't go online because it gives me anxiety. I know everyone's always talking about 'How dare I fill-in-the-blank.' [But] It's my pee!"

It is indeed. And though all six eps of "My Crazy Beautiful Life" have aired, when Ke$ha stopped by MTV to premiere her new [article id="1708190"]"Crazy Kids"[/article] video last week, we couldn't help but notice that she brought her brother -- and documentarian -- Lagan along with her. And, yes, he was filming. Which lead us to wonder if a second season of the show could be in the works.

"I don't know MTV; would you guys like a second season?" she laughed. "We have so much amazing footage that didn't make it, you don't understand. [Lagan] followed me around for two-and-a-half years ... There was one moment after a show I played, where I hit some guy in the eyeball with a piece of cauliflower. We just don't have enough hours to show all of it."

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