Heavy D To Help Run P. Diddy's Big And Tall Clothing Line

Overweight lover also working on new solo album for Bad Boy.

P. Diddy won't be changing the name of his company from Bad Boy to Big Boy, but he's got some huge talent coming in.

Heavy D, who has been out of the rap game for the past few years, is producing developing Bad Boy artists and recording a new solo album for the label. He's also playing a major role in Diddy's Big and Tall Sean John clothing line.

"Puff has always been a fan of the lifestyle and culture, and we also want to serve big and tall men as well," said Heavy D, who was chosen as a Sean John rep not only because of his hefty stature, but because he knows how to dress sharp. The Big and Tall line will feature some clothes in the same style as P. Diddy's regular line, but there will also be exclusives.

"It's just about having the right person who thinks like a big guy," he said. "[Puff needed someone] who can be like, 'OK, this might not be comfortable for this individual, or this fabric might not look right on you.' "

When P. Diddy approached Heavy D two months ago, he wanted the well-rounded rapper to completely run the big-boned clothing line. But Heavy was more interested in a supporting role because he wanted to continue to focus on his acting career.

"Running the thing would have involved me moving back to New York," he explained. "With my acting stuff going on I didn't know if I could really do that. But I'm definitely going to play a major part in it because Puff's line is phenomenal. He's going to be like Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren.

"It's not just about the moment," he continued. "In another 10, 20, 50, 60 years from now he's still going to be making incredible clothing. And I want to be a part of that to keep the big boys looking hot."