The 13 Most Hilarious Google Movie Searches

Ah, Google. The greatest information superhighway, where most of us cruise on the daily, searching for intel only an absurdly complex, fast-acting algorithm can provide (unless you use Bing). We look for recipes, statistics, images, ourselves … pretty much anything and everything.

Google is a judgment-free zone, thus you can ask it whatever you'd like without fear or embarrassment. It's a mostly secret enterprise, as far as your personal search history is concerned. But ever since the search giant introduced the auto-fill drop-down function Google Instant, it's given us delicious insight into what others most commonly seek out around a subject.

Vulture made great use of this last week when it looked at what people most commonly asked about when it came to the Google love-fest "The Internship." It inspired us to look at a broader spectrum of Hollywood, plucking the very best/ most hilarious/ most absurd/ most depressing queries. Really, this list could go on forever ...

13. Bradley Cooper

The thread here is a social connection. People want to follow him, marry him, or just be buddies with him.

12. Melissa McCarthy

We really hope people aren't searching the exact term "is melissa mccarthy and jenny mccarthy related." But we wouldn't be surprised.

11. Ben Affleck

Come on, the man directed "Argo"! And you're still concerned with his acting? Oh, wait.

10. Daniel Craig

Looking forward to HuffPo's "Is Daniel Craig Good Looking" post.

9. Nicolas Cage

All questions worth exploring.

8. Mel Gibson

This actually may be the most accurate search on all of Google.

7. Jonah Hill

Related: Is America a little obsessed with Jonah Hill's current weight?

6. 'The Hunger Games'

Based on a true story? Yep, it's called "Battle Royale."

5. Megan Fox

4. Hugh Jackman

In the bible? WTF?

3. Sacha Baron Cohen


2. Christopher Walken

You know you're a good actor when people truly think you're a murderer. (Okay, or these searches are in reference to the Natalie Wood case.)

1. Superman

No, Superman is not Jewish. But he is real. (See also: Spider-man, Batman, and basically any superhero.)