Lizzo Makes An Entire University Feel 'Good As Hell' In New Music Video

From the cheer squad to the marching band, everyone's celebrating

Looking to boost your Monday mood? You're in luck. Lizzo just released yet another music video for her 2016 hit single "Good As Hell," and this time, she was joined by the Southern University Marching Band for an all-out celebration of self-love.

Yep! The "Truth Hurts" artist teamed up with the university's marching band not only to flex her flute skills, but to pay homage to Homecoming, a tradition at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). The video begins much like an average school day: classes are ending, band practice is in session, and somewhere, there's a young woman sulking about her relationship. Everyone's going through the motions, but no one's particularly thrilled to be there. That is, until Lizzo arrives.

Lizzo begins by tossing her hair in the band room (the ultimate power move) as the students practice for their big Homecoming performance. But what starts off as a normal band practice soon erupts into a school-wide celebration. Lizzo's there for a purpose, and it's to remind students that there's space for them to succeed in whatever they decide to pursue, whether it be dance, music, or anything else.

From the football field to the Lizzo-branded party bus, the singer-rapper-flautist managed to boost the confidence and raise the voices of not just a few students, but the entire school within a matter of minutes. By the end, the lonely drummer found a sense of pride and community, the dancer whose boyfriend moved on to someone else found a sense of self, and Lizzo, well, she showed us all what a good dose of self-confidence can really do.

If you haven't already, stop what you're doing and watch Lizzo's new music video. Not only is it "Good As Hell," as the title suggests, but it's a fun, upbeat reminder to embrace who you are and pursue your dreams. It worked for her, after all.

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