The Top 10 Best Kanye West Interruption Meme Pics!

This week, the Internet has been so atwitter with Kanye West VMA mashups, parodies, LOLpegs and so much stuff that I'm surprised Al Gore didn't have to go run and create a whole other Internet just to keep up with the contast demand for jokey Kanye interruption photos and videos. You can even have Kanye interrupt your entire website. Kanye's even been interrupting himself.

Taylor Swift's stock's through the roof, and Kanye kind of won too (for Team Kanye) by turning himself into a meme and making us all laugh through the week by turning into the new LOLcats. Here are 10 of the funniest Kanye interruption images.

1.) Kanye Interrupts The Titanic

Via FunkJelly (NSFW)2.) Kanye Interrupts Mario

(Via I'mma Let You Finish)3.) Kanye Interrupts Morrissey



4.) Kanye Interrupts Back To The Future

(Via F** Kanye Interupts Keyboard Cat, Part I

(Via I'mma Let You Finish)

... And...

Kanye Interrupts Keyboard Cat Part II

(Via I'mma Let You Finish)

6.) Kanye Interrupts Criss Angel

(Via I'mma Let You Finish)

7.) Kanye Interrupts Twilight's Jacob Black And Edward Cullen

(Via I'mma Let You Finish)


8.) Kanye Interrupts Tay Zonday

(Via Urlesque)

9.) Kanye Interrupts House (THE JESSIE SPANO ONE!!!!1!)


10.) Kanye Interrupts America's Independence

(Via I'mma Let You Finish)

Because you know he probably would've tried...

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Kanye Interrupts Britney

(Via @believeindanny)

Kanye Interrupts Shamu


Kanye Interrupts Bacon Boy

(Via Urlesque)

Kanye Interrupts Jem And The Holograms

(Via @bowdridge)

Kanye Interrupts Dory From Finding Nemo

(Via I'mma Let You Finish)Kanye Interrupts Drew Barrymore In Scream