Justin Timberlake And Anna Kendrick’s ‘True Colors’ Duet Is Like A Rainbow

Eat your heart out, Cyndi Lauper

Whether your excitement level for Trolls is through the roof or simply lukewarm, you can’t deny its one major blessing: Giving us hella new Justin Timberlake music. A week after releasing “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” his first new single in three years, JT’s now given us another taste of the animated film’s soundtrack: His dreamy duet with co-star Anna Kendrick.

At Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday, the multi-talented pair took the stage to cover Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors.” After Timberlake introduced them as “Anna and Garfunkel,” the pair launched into a soft, intimate version of the song that’s simply beautiful. Like a rainbow.

Trolls opens Nov. 4 and stars Timberlake as the grumpy troll Branch, who teams up with Kendrick’s love-happy troll, Poppy, to save their village. Timberlake also serves as the film’s musical executive producer, so hopefully he has more sweet songs up his sleeve that he’ll share soon.

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