5SOS Admit They Were ‘F—king Depressed’ While On Tour

'There are huge ups and huge downs,' Ashton said.

5SOS are making it rain in their new music video for "Hey Everybody."

The foursome gave us a little tease of the clip, and in it, we see the guys dressed in fur jackets and oversized sunglasses and as they dance around in money.

While the band -- Luke, Michael, Calum and Ashton -- seem to be having a great time on screen, off screen, it hasn't been too easy for the Australian group, who found that even with so much success, they still weren't totally happy.

“I told Luke ‘I’m f--king depressed, I f--king hate this," Ashton told The Daily Telegraph of what he was feeling on their recent tour. "We’ve been on tour for five months, I’m living out of this piece of sh-- suitcase with only three wheels on it,”

It went a little bit deeper than just having a broken suitcase. It was the countless hours on the road, away from home and not having anyone but each other, understanding what they were going through.

“We try to talk to each other and try to pull each other through. You realize there are huge ups and huge downs. And it gets tiring, you know," Ashton said. “With relationships, it’s hard. People forget about you at home because you have been away for so long and it becomes this thing where you have just to keep going and not fall off the rails."

Now they are channeling those feelings into their new album, Sounds Good Feels Good (October 23), especially on the track "Carry On," which is "straight-up saying you know it is going to get better." But the guys aren't just writing this music for themselves, they are writing it for the thousands of fans who may be feeling the exact same way.

“We are trying to bring our fans what they need in their lives. I think this whole fan base naming age is a little bit dull and boring and shallow, it’s just a hashtag,” Ashton said. “I want people to feel something. It’s more about connecting them with us. We have created 14 characters for 14 songs on the album and those characters are little skerricks of us and what we feel in the songs. It’s a real honest thing that we want to be more than a band to our fans."

Their second album isn't all about darkness though, it's about spreading positivity and awareness to their new broken scene.

“The New Broken Scene isn’t this big sad thing where everyone is sad," Luke said. "It is a positive thing to me, that’s why we called the album Sounds Good Feels Good.”

And with their honesty and rock n' roll approach, they admit that some of the fans that may have fallen in love with them when they released "She Looks So Perfect" may not be totally on board right now, and to them, that's OK.

"With the new album we wanted to make sure our fans get us. They do. And maybe now some people are saying this band isn’t for me," Michael said. "Admittedly a lot of people came to us from 1D. Now, to some of those people, we aren’t the band they thought we were. There was a weird perception of us when we first came out and that’s fair enough, we knew who we were playing to and we wouldn’t change it for anything."