Cam'ron Says His Son Is 'Not Really Into The Music'

'I love having my son in my life,' Cam tells 'Mixtape Daily.'

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Father's Day was last week, but Cam'ron is a great pops all year 'round. Killa said he makes it his business to spend time with his son on a regular basis.

"I don't care if I am doing music, my son comes with me every weekend," Cam told us. "If I'm on the West Coast, he'll come fly and be with me. If I'm on the East Coast, I get my son every weekend. It doesn't matter where I'm at -- show, no show, whatever. Break or no break. I have my son every summer and every weekend while he's in school. I love having my son in my life. That's why it's more fathers in the hip-hop community, because they probably went through a fatherless childhood like I did. You always gotta take advantage when you can spend time with your kids."

Little Killa was featured on the cover of Cam's classic Come Home With Me. But the Diplomat founder said that might be the last time -- at least for a good, long while -- that his song will make a major public showing.

"His mom don't like that," Cam told us. "His mom don't want him on TV or the album covers. When I put him on the album cover, his teacher will change it from 'Cameron' to 'Cam'ron' on his [school] paper. He had to change schools two or three times. I had to fall back from letting him be on the camera. I feel her for that. It's his safety first before anything. I feel her for that."

The proud dad described his son as being studious and not heavy into the family business: rap music.

"He's like a nerd -- [that's] a good thing -- a genius at school," Cam said. "He gets in the 90s and 100s. I don't think he got a score lower than 94 ever. He's in third grade, so it's a beautiful thing. He's not really into the music. I got pulled over for a traffic ticket. I was speeding or whatever. He was in the car. He was so nervous, he was like, 'Why are the cops messing with you? They don't know you're a movie star?' I was like, 'Nah, it's just a ticket, don't worry about it.' That kinda shocked me, too, because he doesn't mention the music. He reads and watches the DVDs. Right now, I'mma keep it real. He's Scooby-Dooed out. I appreciate that. Scooby-Doo been rocking for about 40 years. He just started getting into video games. Right now, it's PlayStation, 'Guitar Hero' and his Scooby-Doo DVDs."

Cam'ron admitted that, yes, he partakes in the games and watches the adventures of the snack-greedy doggy detective with his youngster.

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