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'Pretty Little Liars': An Ezria Update, Who Is ‘He?', And More Burning Questions -- Answered!

The PLLs have secrets, and they told us all of them. Well, almost all of them.

"Pretty Little Liars" made its New York Comic Con debut on Friday, Oct. 9 and the cast and creators dished major dirt on the upcoming season.

All five PLLs -- Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario and Sasha Pieterse -- were on hand at NYCC to reveal this season's biggest secrets, along with executive producers Marlene King, Oliver Goldstick and Joseph Dougherty.

As if the scoop (and the new opening title sequence) wasn't A-mazing enough, MTV News and hundreds of fans were treated to the first four minutes of the "Pretty Little Liars" Season 6 midseason premiere, which picks up five years after the events of the heart-stopping finale. The Liars are back in Rosewood to help Ali, but what brings them back?

Here are the highlights from the pretty little panel:

Five years later...

In the first four minutes of the season premiere, we learn a few things. One, Ali is the kind of teacher who doesn't assign homework. (That probably has something to do with the fact she's actually younger than a majority of her students.) And two, we learn what brings the Liars back to Rosewood: Ali. Well, technically, it's Charlotte. It's not about betrayal Spencer, it's about revenge.

New hottie Doctor Rollins enters Ali's classroom and tells her that the "hearing is in four days." What hearing, you ask? Just the hearing that will decide Charlotte's fate. Ali writes a letter to each of the four Liars asking them to come to Charlotte's hearing and speak to the court about Charlotte being released. "Charlotte is there, so I think she's rebuilding her family, what's left of it," said Pieterse.

Clearly, Ali wants to get her sister out of, well, wherever she's been for the last five years and she needs the Liars to help her do it. Seeing as Charlotte is the one who caused the Liars so much grief, we wonder how the Liars are going to feel about this letter.

Then again, we do see Hanna on a plane -- next to an adorable blond child WHO IS NOT HERS because the "PLL" writers are MEAN -- so maybe they've gotten over the whole dollhouse-torture thing.

"Pretty Little Liars" premieres...

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Pretty Little Liars finale

...on January 12, 2016! Plus, King revealed that there's a special "PLL" episode on November 24, there's a very special episode. It's called "Flash Forward," and it's a behind-the-scenes look at what happened to the Liars in the five years since the Season 6B premiere. So, if you want to know how Ali became a teacher, then don't forget to tune in. "We get to see Alison teaching, and she's such an inspired teacher," King said. "She's the kind of teacher I always wanted."

Life updates.

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Pretty Little Liars

Hanna is traveling the world and working in fashion because of course she is. "It's like the 'Devil Wars Prada,'" Ashley Benson said. Meanwhile, Emily is off being a super hot bartender in someplace warm and beachy. California, perhaps? Aria, unsurprisingly, works in publishing now, and it looks like one of her authors is Mr. Ezra Fitz. And then there's Spencer, who's currently working in Washington and rocking some seriously cute bangs. Yes, they are CUTE. Haters, to the left.


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There was a hint of Ezria in the sneak peek of Season 6B. Aria picks up one of Ezra's books -- because he's a published author now, LOL -- and smiles a little. Does this mean Ezria is back on? Or, was she thinking fondly of those halcyon days of yore?

As for Emison, "They will always have a special bond," Mitchell said of Emison. "I think what's special about them too is that they've grown up together," Pierterse added.

Ashley Benson pitched a NYC-centric season for Hanna.

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She really, really wants to film all of Hanna's scenes in New York. "Make it happen, Marlene," Benson said. But will Caleb be there too?!

Who is "He?"

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Sadly, fans are going to have to wait for this information. (This is "Pretty Little Liars" we're talking about, here.) But, according to Bellisario, you WILL know who it is -- you just won't know the full story until Season 7. "You don't get the answer to that in this upcoming season -- you have to wait for Season 7," King said. "You might kinda know who it is, but you won't get the full story."