Best College Class Ever Teaches You How To Master The Art Of The Selfie

At last, we can learn the things that REALLY matter.

Real talk: Taking a quality selfie is really effin’ hard. Achieving that glorious balance between steady hand, cute expression, and flattering angle is frankly exhausting — and that’s even BEFORE you change up the whole thing with a plethora of filters and other edits.

Thankfully, a college in London has recognized the public’s thirst for knowledge and created a totally legit class dedicated to helping us commoners teach Kardashian-level selfie game.

The month-long course is fancily called “The Art of Self Portraiture” and it begins in March at London’s City Lit, an adult education college.

A syllabus for the class says it was conceived “for students to improve their critical understanding of the photographic self-portrait, as well as a platform to develop ideas towards the creation of a coherent body of work.”

Which is really just a fancy way of saying: learn how to make yo’self look gooooood.



Students are expected to come with their own cameras (nope, no iPhones) and have a basic understanding of photography concepts.

The course also promises lectures and seminars — hopefully by selfie royalty like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna — as well as group work, that we can only pray includes a lesson on how to achieve Ellen Degeneres’ infamous group Oscar selfie.

Basically, this genius class sounds like it should be an integral part of students' curriculum. American school system, please get behind this, STAT.

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