Justin Bieber Gives An Intimate Tour Of His L.A. Home, Waterslides And All

His fluffy puppy steals the show, though

Between nixing his Instagram and instating a no-photo policy with fans, Justin Bieber has been all about protecting his privacy lately. He does, however, offer tours of his Los Angeles crib on occasion, giving Beliebers what they’ve always craved: a rare look at their fave star’s lawn furniture.

After appearing on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge — where he covered Tupac’s “Thugz Mansion” and Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” — Bieber invited host Clara Amfo to his house for the afternoon. Together, the two mosey around Bieber’s massive yard, where he adorably proclaims “There’s so much room to do activities!” and yells “It’s lit!” a couple times.


Bieber shows Amfo his pool, a pair of blue alligator sculptures he bought online, the massive inflatable water slide he recently bought for his sister, the “wisdom tree” he likes to hike to, and his “pontoon boat,” which he goes out on every morning to relax, write music, and pray. Soon enough, though, the tour basically turns into a hoops contest, as Bieber and Amfo show off their creative shooting skills. It’s entertaining stuff, sure, but I think we can all agree the real star of this video is Bieber’s puppy, Todd (a.k.a. Todd the Stud).


Check out the full video below to see JB’s “homey” home.

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