Exclusive: Bodega Bamz Announces 'Sidewalk Exec' Album And Drops First Single 'El-Rey'

Bodega Bamz has a big announcement.

Bodega Bamz is ready to take the next step in his career. Back in October 2012, the Spanish Harlem, New York MC dropped his breakout mixtape Strictly 4 My P.A.P.I.Z. and has been steadily building his name. Now, he's ready to drop his debut album Sidewalk Exec and on Tuesday (November 11), he debuted his new single "El-Rey" exclusively with MTV News and released the song on iTunes.

The V'Don-produced track is a fitting first release, where Bamz spits his patented brand of Latin lingo over a slow-rolling track. It's just a taste of what to expect from Sidewalk Exec, which will be released on 100 Keep It and Duck Down Music.

"We've been trying to do business together for like two years, since I really came on to the scene with Strictly 4 My P.A.P.I.Z.," Bamz told MTV News about his deal with Duck Down. "I'm very reluctant, I'm very low. "When new people start coming around and they start throwing ideas, I just stay to myself, me and [my brother] Ohla. I be blocking stuff out, but those people over there are good."

Bamz prides himself on the quality of the music. Since coming into the game in 2012 (the same year he was featured on "RapFix Live" as one of our Get in the Game artists), he's managed not to spread himself thin and oversaturate fans with his music.

"I'm one of the only, few artists you'll see that can actually drop mixtape for free two-and-a-half years ago and still be milking it, still be on tour, still be selling tickets, still sell merch," he boasted. "I got good fans and I got good supporters."

That's what makes Sidewalk Exec so exciting for the leader of the Tan Boys rap crew. On the upcoming LP, which is produced entirely by V'Don, Bamz aims to give fans a street perspective that they haven't heard from any other MC before him.

"A sidewalk exec, it's the boss of the corner," he said, beginning to explain the title. "In this rap game we already have the perspective of the hustler, we already got the perspective of the major player in the hood, but we never got the perspective of the connect, we never got the perspective of the dude that's supplying these other dudes."

Street politics and rap music often go hand-in-hand and Bodega Bamz wants to usher in a new narrative, all while celebrating his Latin heritage. It's a bold move for an up and comer, but Bamz has never been one to lack confidence.

"I want to be that dude that brung that story in the game, because I'm a Spanish dude, I'm Latin, in the hood they call me Papi. So I'm the connect in this rap game, anything you need I'm going to give it to you," he explained. "So, that's the whole Sidewalk Exec thing."

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