Britney Spears And Fred Durst Shack Up ... In The Studio, At Least

Limp Bizkit frontman among the producers working on Spears' new album, due in October.

When Britney Spears drops her new album this fall, don't be surprised to find a little reminder of her relationship with Fred Durst.

The Limp Bizkit frontman is among the producers working on Spears' as-yet-untitled new album, due in October, according to a Jive Records spokesperson. Durst has produced one unnamed track thus far, but it -- as well as everything else that has been done for the follow-up to 2001's Britney -- is not guaranteed to wind up on Spears' fourth LP.

Durst found time to helm the Spears tune while working on Limp Bizkit's new album, tentatively titled Less Is More, due in April. According to the band's Web site,, they've just about completed the new LP, their fourth, which is expected to include songs called "Build a Bridge" and "Crack Pipe," the latter having already been tapped as the first single (see [article id="1459476"]"Durst Talks Bizkit LP, Which Now Includes A 'Crack Addict' "[/article]). Durst wrote in a post that 18 songs were completed, but only 10 or 12 will make the album's final cut.

Those familiar with Durst's posts on the Bizkit site know that he had been fawning over Spears earlier this month, claiming, among other things, that "he had never felt this way [about anyone] before" (see [article id="1459522"]"Durst Furthers Britney-Romance Rumors With Online Post"[/article]). Strangely, those posts have been removed from the "News" section of the site.