Meghan Trainor Is ‘All About That Bass’ -- And These 8 Other Things

From pizza to T-Pain, Meghan tells MTV News what she can't get enough of.

Meghan Trainor is "All About That Bass," and we are all about her.

The 20-year-old burst onto the scene this summer with her feel-good anthem about accepting who you are no matter what your size is. Fans are totally loving the song, in fact, they love it so much that it's going to take the top spot on the Billboard Digital Songs chart this week.

MTV News caught up with Meghan, who signed to Epic Records back in February, and she told us this experience has been "all upside down." But she's thrilled that her fans, a.k.a., the Megatrons, are identifying with her song.

"They will send me a selfie with an essay of how they hated their lives and they hated themselves and they didn't want to go to school, they were bullied forever, but now they heard the song and they just burst into tears," Meghan revealed. "And they are happy and they dance around the house, and I read this and I'm like, 'Whose this for?' I'm effecting people; it's insane."

Since Meghan has only been in the public eye for a few months, we thought it would be fun to find out what else she's all about -- besides that bass. Check out the video and her list below.

1. She's All About That Pizza

"I love pizza because it tastes real good."

2. She's All About Those Touchdowns

"I played football for three years with all dudes and my brothers. That was interesting."

3. She's All About "Modern Family"

"Because it's genius writing; it's hilarious."

4. She's All About Bruno Mars

"What's up? I love you, I want to write with you."

5. She's All About Kittens

"I bought two kittens and I don't know what to do with them, but I'm all about them. I love them."

6. She's All About T-Pain

"T-Pain called me -- I cried. I'm the biggest T-Pain fan ... and he called me up and I'm like, 'Don't mess with me, is this T-Pain?' and he was like, 'Yeah man, it's so nice to meet a fan.' "

7. She's All About Nashville

"It's pretty cool songwriting."

8. She's All About Her Megatrons

"I'm all about my fans, my Megatrons. Isn't that hilarious? That's what you're called: Megatrons."

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