Liam Payne Is One Direction's Best Member: Any Questions?

Who's going to challenge me?

Liam Payne is totally the best, handsomest, plaid-iest, sexy-scowliest, most talented, adorable member of One Direction. It's a fact.

Yeah, all you Directioners out there pulling for Niall: you're wrong. I just had to say it.

Sure, you could go with the standard bad-boy hottie Harry, but who wants to follow the crowd?

And sure you could get emotional and sensitive with Zayn and imagine yourself cuddled in his arms, staring into his deep brown eyes.

And maybe you even want to think about getting active with Louis, kicking a football around and other things…

But I'm here to show you why Liam is the best One Direction member. Take a look:

He gets super emotional about the 1D fandom, reportedly crying at the first Where We Are concert in Bogota, Colombia.

He lives life to the fullest -- look at him at Machu Picchu in Peru.

Dem arms tho.

He knows how to properly wear seashells: On the chest.

Just like Lady Gaga.

He used to be a playful British pup…

…And now he's all like heeeyyy ladies.

Wait… what was I saying?

Oh yeah. He knows how to smoulder.

His irrational fear of spoons is probably the most unique phobia I've ever heard.

But he's totally brave around actual scary things.

His Borat impression is ON POINT.

He loves to surf.

And box.

And play soccer.

And wrestle, like he did at 1D Day.

He has the most fun onstage, like he did in Santiago.

He's obsessed with Batman.

He gets really crafty when it comes to festive occasions.

I can't.

He gets starstruck.

So take that. Try to tell me there's a better 1D guy.