Harrison Ford Was Everyone's Cranky Grandpa At The Golden Globes

And the award for Least Emotional Investment in an Awards Show Appearance goes to...

As one of the biggest stars in Hollywood -- and a lead actor in one of the year's biggest films, "Star Wars" -- Harrison Ford was pretty much duty-bound to put in an appearance at Sunday's (Jan. 10) Golden Globes.

But just because he was present didn't mean that he cared. In fact, Ford took nearly every opportunity to make it clear that, when it comes to the glitz and glamour and hob-nobbing of Hollywood's second-biggest awards show, he is the living human embodiment of IDGAF.

Here are the best times from the ceremony that we looked upon the field where Harrison plants his f--ks and saw that it was barren.

When the earring appeared on the red carpet.

In case you didn't know, Harrison often sports a single gold hoop in his left ear when he's not in character for a film -- and there's no way he doesn't know how silly everyone thinks it looks. He just doesn't care, because he's Harrison freakin' Ford.

When he shaded "Star Wars."

His pre-show interview? Basically one long Hollywood dad joke. As it should be.

When he didn't even pretend not to ogle J-Law's butt.

Knows he's being caught on camera, still DGAF.

And the Golden Globe gloewwwwws to...



As the final presenter of the evening, Harrison was basically batting cleanup on the entire Golden Globes. So naturally, he just kinda ho-hummed his way through the formalities, tripped over the word "goes," and announced the Best Picture winner with all the drama of a drunk guy ordering a pizza.

We love you, Mean Grandpa Harrison! Never stop being you.