Meek Mill Says He's Not Surprised Philly Jurors Ruled Against Him In Racial Profiling Suit

The MMG rapper saw this verdict coming.

Meek Mill just can't seem to catch a break when it comes to dealing with police officers in his hometown Philadelphia. The MMG rapper filed a civil rights violation suit against the Philly police department, claiming that he was unfairly detained for hours after a traffic stop in October 2012. Meek made the case that he was racially targeted by the cops who pulled him over, but the jury wasn't buying it.

On Friday morning (May 2), he took to Twitter and Instagram to share his feelings about losing the case.

"My word vs a cop word...what u think happened?" he wrote. "That cop had a longer rap sheet than me....... It was a great judge tho....... Just was a jury that don't know nothing about the environment I come from so they would never see my view....cop word vs a young black rapper!. Just let me move away from here..... #iwasntsuprisedattheverdicttho."

The 26-year-old rapper appeared in a federal courthouse on Monday, where he explained that the arrest caused to him miss an album release party for Dreams and Nightmares, in addition to costing him endorsement money because of bad press. The officers pulled him over after claiming that they smelled weed and although he passed a drug test and no marijuana was found, he was still detained for over 10 hours.

"In neighborhoods like where I come from, four black males in a car . . . we're always being asked to be searched," Meek said to the court. He was seeking over $400, 000 in compensation for the incident, but a jury ruled against him, even though it was revealed that one of the officers in the arrest had previously lied to Internal Affairs investigators about another traffic stop.

Meek left the courtroom quickly after the ruling, briefly telling of the jurors, "They ain't from where I'm from. I don't really expect them to understand."

"He already was fired for lying on somebody else...... So I guess I just happen 2 sue this guy who already was in trouble for lying on people!" Meek added on Instagram. "Even the cops in the city know he crazy! But this is nothing new how these situations take place!"