Pete Wentz Calls Rumors Of Marital Problems 'Nonsense'

Fall Out Boy bassist e-mails MTV News about his relationship with Ashlee Simpson.

Last week, the New York Post and other gossip sites were abuzz with rumors that Pete Wentz and [artist id="1241636"]Ashlee Simpson[/artist]'s marriage was "on the rocks" due to the [artist id="1235716"]Fall Out Boy[/artist] bassist's party-packed schedule.

But on Friday, perhaps attempting to dispel those rumors (or perhaps because they're a married couple), Wentz and Simpson shared an onstage smooch at the Australian Video Music Awards. "Sorry, we haven't seen each other in a while," Simpson told the audience. "We're going to find a quiet place to fornicate."

We got it. But, if PDAs weren't enough to silence the chatter, well, then perhaps this is: Late Friday night -- sometime before winging his way from Australia to the red carpet of the [article id="1608047"]Kid's Choice Awards[/article] -- Wentz decided to e-mail MTV News about the rumors that his marriage was in trouble, dismissing them as "nonsense" and cautioning his fans to consider the source before leaping to conclusions.

"We're still going steady. She's still wearing my letterman jacket," he wrote. "And you shouldn't believe everything you read on the Internet. It's nonsense."

All the speculation is nothing new for the couple, who got engaged in April 2008, then married the following month amid intense [article id="1585438"]media scrutiny that Simpson was pregnant[/article]. Wentz initially denied those rumors, then announced via a post on that they were, in fact, expecting a child.

In November, Simpson gave birth to son, [article id="1599919"]Bronx Mowgli,[/article] a name that launched a whole new wave of media attention.

The couple will celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary on May 17.

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